Nov. 5, 2021 – Mayagüez
Nov. 19, 2021 – Caguas

32 CE Credits


Course Director, implant designer and inventor Dr. Ebless V. Báez will lead this continuum designed to present general practitioners and specialists important oral implantology principles they can integrate into their practices to get predictable results.
Faculty : Dr. Ebless V. Báez Alers

Didactic and Hands-On Model-Based Training.

Every session will combine lecture with practice including training of surgical placement, and implant prosthetics Every atendee will be provided with hands on model based training and armamentarium of different implant systems. You will learn step by step techniques to allow for a safe, biologic and predictable implant placement with the latests techniques.

If your new on oral implantology or you are currently conducting Implant procedures, the course will supplement your knowledge, hone your skills and increase your confidence level.


This course will enable you to:
  • Learn the biology of osseointegration.
  • Asses the appropiatenes of implants in the partially or fully edentulous patient.
  • Decide on the appropriate diagnostic radiography /materials required for treatment planning for the implant rehabilitation.
  • Develop the surgical skills required for placement of implants.
  • Learn appropiate prosthetic treatment planning.
  • Understanding impression taking, abutment selection, temporization and final restoration of implants.
  • Understand proper bone grafting and site development procedures.
  • Learn how to accomplish beautiful esthetic outcomes with implant prosthetics.
  • Understand appropriate pain management and pharmacology as it relates to implant surgery
  • Managing surgical complications


Principles and need to know classifications in oral surgery; Radiologic & Surgical Templates; Stage I Surgery for Implant Placement ; Optimal Implant Esthetics; Occlusal Squeme Considerations; Surgical Anatomy; Advanced Radiology; Implant Complications and Management; Risk Management; Infection Control; Pharmacology/Pain Control; Stage I & II Surgery; Bone Grafting Materials; Guided Bone Regeneration; Socket Preservation; Immediate Placement/ Immediate Loading of Implant: Treatment Planning.

An overview and model-based training on various implant system using prosthetics will also be provided.