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24 CE Credits


This course will allow attendees to know all kinds of prostodontical rehabilitations from single restorations to full arch, knowing all the abutments, procedures, impression materials and the armamentarium needed. In the surgical planning is mandatory know the prosthesis that the patient will wear, and include it in the planning, knowing all the steps and test that it needs, both, in temporary restoration and definitive.
Faculty : Dr. Daniel Robles

Didactic and Hands-On Model-Based Training.

An overview and model-baed training on various implant system using prosthetics will also be provided. Attendees will ve able to try, compare and practice with different implant abutments, components and techniques on different systems.

Learning Objectives

This course will enable you to:

  • Learn all the possibilities in implant prosthodontics.
  • Know all the abutments.
  • Know how to planning the posthetical restorations and the main factors that the selection depends.
  • Type of attachments and indications.
  • How to perform a provisional restoration in immediate implant placement.
  • Know all the impression materials and the armamentarium.
  • Know the main complications and how to correct them.

Course Topics


Types of restoration; implants; temporary restoration design; implant prosthetics; abutments; removable and fixed prosthesis; attachments; ceramic; hybrid Dentures step by step protocol and fundaments: All on X tprotocol; Treatement planning; critical contour; subcritical contour; new trends in oral implant prosthodontics.